Monday, September 13, 2010


I was invited to the birthday party of the Kindergarten teacher, Patricia. Every woman in the teachers' lounge insisted that I bring my pololo, Greg, who once again proved to be a great dance partner. It was a mask party that took place in a local bar, called Nativo. We were the among the youngest people in attendance, and we forgot to bring our masks. My host teacher and her friend made us wear these for the picture. 

The party was thrown for Patricia, by Patricia. She announced that the purpose of the party was to "share a great time together, dance, have fun, and just enjoy the night." Just togetherness. The music was a mixture of 80's Spanish rock, romantic karaoke, Spanish pop, and reggaeton. My host teacher leaned to me and asked, "You don't have this music in your country, do you?" It dawned on me that the party scene was a truly special, authentic Chilean experience, unlike a lot of things I attend here. I'll be more than delighted to accept any more Chilean birthday party invitations in the future. 

Speaking of dancing, we had a mini lesson in Salsa. Either everyone at the party had taken lessons as children or it came naturally to them. A lot of instruction just wasn't necessary. 

So, another great weekend down. A Chilean, mask birthday party with cool music and salsa dancing. That's my life for the next 2 months. It's time to soak it all up, as much as I possibly can. 


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